Have you ever been asked the question, "What exactly do you do here?"  As a Director of Christian Education, I am often asked that question or something similar.  In addition to offering cradle to grave education opportunities, the role of a DCE is to equip parents to teach their children.  DCE's are not coaches in the strictest sense of the term.  You entrust coaches to teach your child, and in theory, stay out of the gym as they build up your child's skillset.  DCE's sometimes coach, but it is not all they do.  We are also similar to physical therapists.  They lead you as you do different exercises, but they also send exercises home for you to work on to regain mobility and strength.  This description fits, but also does not fully capture what a DCE is supposed to do.

My goal and my description of a DCE's role is to walk alongside individuals, families and the congregation as they grow in faith.  Growth looks different at different ages and life circumstances, but the goal of the church is to bring you closer to Jesus.  It is our hope to play a part in making you a disciple.  

This page will be used to share different things for parents and families as we walk this path together.  If you have a certain question or issue you are dealing with in your family's faith walk, please reach out as you are not alone.  I will make every effort to find something to help you and the others who are dealing with those questions and answers.  There will also be advice, suggestions and informational articles.  I encourage you to take the morsels of truth that apply to your family and leave the rest until perhaps they apply to you.  Mostly, know you are in my prayers throughout this process.

Hopefully this first article shows you that you are not alone in your concern or your child's faith formation.  You can also find these items and more under the DCE Announcements on the church website.